Agrifood sector in Southern and Central-Eastern Europe

Future-proof or future-ready?

Opportunities arising from Covid19 for RIS countries

The online conference will take place on 28 October 2020, at 10.00 am CET

What can we do to better prepare for the transformation of the agri-food sector after coronavirus? What can we learn from the crises and what can we expect in the post-COVID-19 future?

Take part in this launch event presenting the results and insights of the EIT Food Foresight analysis on the COVID-19 impact on Agrifood sector in South and Central-Eastern Europe gathered in EIT Food Foresight analysis.

As the EU Commission stated, Strategic foresights will play a key role in helping future-proof EU policymaking by ensuring that short-term initiatives are grounded in a longer-term perspective.

The EIT Food Strategic Foresight Analysis outlines how COVID-19 has affected the agrifood system in Europe, what the possible future scenarios are and how we can use the opportunities that come out of this pandemic.

Key insights from South and Central European countries will be shared in the following areas:

  • Primary production
  • Food manufacturing and supply chain
  • Retail
  • HoReCa
  • Consumer habits

The event will also count on a roundtable on how COVID19 related opportunities can be translated into public policy solutions in the light of Green Deal, the Farm-to-Fork strategy and Smart Specialization Strategies.

For more information and registration please visit here.

13.10.2020| ISTPD